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My passion is for Australian wild foods and their outstanding nutritional value and flavors. One of my companies supplies chefs, manufacturers and foodies with wild food ingredients as we slowly develop a uniquely Australian cuisine based on these incredible foods. I also market and promote a natural antimicrobial (Herbal-Active) for food and cosmetic uses, a fruit and vegetable dipping solution called Fresher4Longer and which extends the shelf life of fresh produce (and a lot more). And I invented flavor-infused BBQ Skewers which are a great way to add delightful seasonings to anything you grill. Learn more at Another company of mine markets and promoters a nutritional beverage based on Australian wild foods. I am about to launch a crowd-funding proposal to take this product global so please subscribe at and I'll keep you updated. It will be the biggest thing for your ideal health around.

Make love, not war – Is prospecting offering solutions or preparing for battle?

I recently read a post by a network marketer who described their system of training prospects. They advised their downline to arm themselves to the teeth with an arsenal of literature and promotional tools and to go forth and make … Continue reading

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Six core values for your business

I read a number of e-zines each day and Craig Ballantyne’s  Early To Rise is one of these. Craig recently wrote about six core values that drive his company and I’m borrowing them for my own enterprise. Have a look … Continue reading

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Speed networking – dating for business people

I am continuing my report on the recent business forum I attended and which focused on speed networking. The speed networking exercise was run by Natalie Moutia from Success Women’s Network. This gave me other insights too. Few of us … Continue reading

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Better Communication for Business

I recently went to an interesting business forum looking for leads and came away with some great tools and insights and an idea to train my own team in my primary opportunity. Firstly, there was Jane Winter from who … Continue reading

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What’s the biggest challenge for any business?

If you think about it, unless a business bleeds from overheads and expenses, everything comes down to sales. If your sales are strong, predictable and grow month on month, then your business is bulletproof. On the other hand, if costs … Continue reading

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What are the numbers needed to earn a reasonable (extra) income?

John Fogg from the Conversations with networkers associated with his book, 21 Greatest Networkers in the World reports some interesting stats on the numbers behind successful networkers. You might consider these as a way to understand what commitment you need … Continue reading

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